2017 in review


2017 was an interesting year for me in a number of ways, and while I don’t want or need to delve into all the details, something has stood out to me as I’ve been working on different projects this weekend.

We have dreams, goals, and hopes for what we will accomplish and how successful we are in life.  2017 was, in some ways, a shift in how I approach business, and what I hoped to accomplish.  I wrote a book, started a new division for working with nonprofits, created a new web site for that division, produced content for this blog, released several courses, signed up for a business accelerator program, and made plans for scaling my business in 2018.  Yet there are things that I didn’t do, didn’t accomplish, and didn’t complete.

By nature, and even by profession, I tend to see problems… I focus on what is missing.  I suppose in some ways this is a good thing, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to identify and analyze problems as part of my consulting work for my clients, as well as for my own business.

But in other ways this is a hazard, because it means that I tend to minimize the accomplishments I’ve achieved.

Perhaps you are like me, and see the worst in things.  Well my friend, this is a problem too!  So take a moment, and write down at least five things that you did in 2017 that were steps in the right direction for yourself and your business, and then say “well done!”  I’m doing that now, and will reward myself with a terrific burger from Williamsburger later today.  See you in the next post.

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