It Doesn’t Need to be Complicated

I’ve been thinking recently about my transition from musician to chief financial officer.  What a strange course of events!  An artist changes course, makes a choice of major in business school, throw in some time and experience, and here we have a CFO!  I still remember sitting with my fellow arts administration peers in a room with our program director and telling him how frustrated we were with our accounting course.  What on earth were these debits and credits, and why did the professor keep using the word “clearly” when things were so mysterious? Continue reading “It Doesn’t Need to be Complicated”

How much should I pay back on my loan?

Someone contacted me recently with a question that I thought would be a good topic to cover here at Your Money and Your Business. The situation was that they had taken a loan out and wanted to pay it back, but they weren’t sure how much they could. So they came to me for my perspective.  Here’s the approach, and you can use it for not just making big loan payments, but for anything where you want to see how much you can afford to do with what you have available. Continue reading “How much should I pay back on my loan?”