Want financial clarity for your business?

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Advanced Training

There are two ways to get more out of this blog.   First, we have advanced self-study courses below to let you go deeper and develop the skills you need as CEO to understand your numbers, how to manage your finances, and how your software works.

Understanding Financial Reports

Trying to make sense out of numbers and reports. In this 45 minute course I share my tips and tricks for decoding those reports so that you too can make informed decisions on your business.

80 / 20 QuickBooks Online ©

Trying to get a handle on QuickBooks Online without wasting time learning things you don't need or want?  Then this course is for you. We start by figuring out what you need first, then with that needs list in hand you can go straight to the tutorials.

80 / 20 QuickBooks ©

Coming April 2017!

Using QuickBooks© on your computer instead of the online edition?  Then this course is for you.

Controlling Your Bank Balance

Coming in April 2017!

Next to making money, controlling the bank account is the most important financial job in a business.  This quick course shows how to predict when money is coming and going, then discusses how to have more control over it.

But we also know that there are times when you might need to the "business mechanic" to get under the hood to fix the problem or help us see what we are missing, and we're here to support you if that's what you need.  Click here to learn about our services.