Welcome to Your Money and Your Business’s Fast Insights scheduling page!

If you’re ready to dive right in, click here to go to the calendar. If you'd like to get more details, here are the basics:

Who are you?
My name is Jonathan Ankney.  On the outside I'm a fairly regular guy from a blue collar town living in a middle class neighborhood in New York City, but on the inside I have unique talent and passion: helping small business owners navigate the money side of their business so they can become prosperous and lead abundant lives through my own business, Small Business CFO.

How can you help my business?
I can help you through my experience, skills, and mindset.  I’ve been doing this type work for over 20 years, almost exclusively with small businesses—as large as 40 employees and millions in revenues to solopreneurs with part-time side businesses.  Because I've been working with small businesses, I’ve seen many different types of situations and worked with different aspects of financial management. And unlike specialists who only work on taxes, payroll, or collections, I’ve had experience in many areas of small business finance and can use that experience to talk to you about your situation.  And finally, my mission is about helping you be more profitable.  A lot of small business financial providers are tax preparers whose focus is on helping governments collect money, not on helping you become successful.

Is the coaching really free?
Yes. I promise you, I won’t even make an offer on the call.

Why are you doing this?
You may be thinking to yourself that there’s some hidden agenda in the call.  The fact is that I really do enjoy meeting fellow entrepreneurs and I enjoy helping others work through their challenges. This also gives me a chance to talk one on one without going to some noisy networking mixer that’s too late at night… a problem for a peace-and-quiet early riser living in a noisy, crowded city! And by hearing your story, we help each other: I want to help you become successful, and I will have a better understanding of the challenges people just like you are facing.

What will a call look like?
They’re 30 minutes long, during which time you’ll tell me a bit about the business (what you do, where you’re located, the number of employees, etc.), then we’ll talk about the biggest challenges you’re facing financially. They may be about boosting your bottom line, talking to the bank or investors about getting funding, dealing with tax problems, figuring out how to manage your finances… anything goes!

If you'll tell me your biggest challenge, then I'll give you my best insights and feedback on that. In early June, after I have finished this round of coaching calls, I'm planning on having a conference call to consolidate everything that I've heard and give you some solutions that you can put into action right away.

Note that I use Zoom for these calls. They will be completely confidential, but I do record them instead of typing notes.

This most definitely is a free call, but the scheduling system lists a $75 charge. Enter the coupon code May17Coaching at the end of checkout to have the fee waived. There are only 20 coupons available, if the coupon doesn't work then it means that the slots have been taken.